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the better Sonic.exe
better writing
better looking
very sex

nurm123 responds:

exactly >:3

There's a big dick in my walls
Hard on
Hard on
Through his pants I see his BALLS
Hard on
Hard on
Keep my dick and BALLS inside
Wish I had a wet wipe
There's a gay side to us all
Hard on
Hard on
Every inch in my rear end
He grinds
And grinds
Feeling my adrenaline
He grinds
And grinds
Licks the cream cheese off my feet
Constantly beats my meat
Cock is hard just like cement
He grinds
Uh oh
Nuts in my butt so hard I scream
Hard on
Hard on
Slurps it up so that it's clean
Hard on
Hard on
He just might drive me crazy-ay-ay-ay-ay
Freddy: Hey femboy, nice to meet ya! Ya ready to beat your meat, huh?
Bonnie: Who's this? Working on the night shift?
Foxy: I don't know but I think I like like him
Chica: He's so cute! I can feel his balls pulsing!
Bonnie: Got a ball stretcher ready for installing
Foxy: Got my schlong and it's ready for a lickin'
Chica: Gay!
Freddy: Ay yo, y'all know ima dig in
He is swiftly thrusting in
Hard on
Hard on
Sense that BBC within
Hard on
Hard on
If I've learned one thing it's that
Gay boys know where the sweet spot's at
I can see his foreskin
Hard on
Hard on
Instrumental break again
But I gotta share my love for men
Gotta suck cock now then and again (SEXAY)
He grabs my balls and pulls them farther than I thought extent
But he's so very sexy, let him pull til' his heart's content (SEXAY)
When he's really horny he will make me wash my ass
Likes to plow me harder than I ever thought he had (SEXAY)
Butt fucked me so hard that the widening will last
But I never thought his girly cock could ever thrust this fast (SEXAY)

I have a printed out scrapbook of all my friend's dick pics (SEXAY)
Cause when there is a cock around I feel the need to frick (SEXAY)
Never thought it would have cum to this (SEXAY)
Ever since I had first seen a dick (SEXAY)
Just felt the need to suck and lick (SEXAY)
Cause when it comes down to it, I just want long and thicc
In the end he nuts in me
Ass wide
Ass wide
Just rode me like a pony
Ass wide
Ass wide
I spent the night fucking boys I'm gay-ay-ay-ay-ay
Chica: Hey, where did our new fuckboy go?
Freddy: Don't worry, he'll be back again tomorrow
Bonnie: So does he bust a nut? Or does he just hold it in all night?
Foxy: Ayye, he nuts in his sock
Chica: Yummmm!
Foxy: I've seen him do it with me own eye
We were both just staring at each other
It was extremely hot

SpookyTina responds:

sand my boy what happened

I like the color of the Jacket

looks like a 12 year old

hope she blows up

I'd clap yo cheeks


Spiro96 responds:


I am so handsome <3

can I fight Sally?
also, cool background

KingConnamonBun responds:

Uhhhhh.... She's a ghost but whatever floats your boat!

this truly is me when the

Nobu-kun responds:


Average Deltarune fan
TotallyNotSand#4906 IF you want to become my enemy
(pfp by @BunKumBoy, hope your days are few, BunKum)

HatKid @TotallyNotSandNG

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