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Posted by TotallyNotSandNG - June 8th, 2022

would you rather play a very well made Indie game or a triple A game?

Posted by TotallyNotSandNG - June 7th, 2022

So you draw for the fame? Or because you it find?

Posted by TotallyNotSandNG - June 7th, 2022


This. Game. Is. Awesome.

The Dark Side Of Hansel And Gretel, takes the story of Hansel and Gretel and makes it very disturbing. If you don't know Hansel and Gretel then...... h o w? Anyway

There are in total 4 true endings and 1 bad ending. (But I believe ending 4 is the worst) (and the bad ending)

Lets talk about the plot.

PLOT: the plot is the same as the normal story but I'll still give it for the people who haven't heard it

Hansel and Gretel and two children living by their Mother and Father. Both of them are poor, too poor to feed all of them. The mother comes up with a plan to drop the two children in the forest and leave them.

So they put the plan into action and take the kids to the forest.

Hansel DID hear their plan and took small rocks with him and every step they took he left a pabble.

The parents leave them but they didn't know thay Hansel left a path that leads to home. They follow it and make it back.

The mother and father try it again.

Hansel couldn't get pabbles so he used bread.

After a while the bread trail was gone. Eaten by the birds.

The kids wander and wander until finding a candy house which an old whitch lives in. She knows about the children because they were eating her candy house.

She invites them in the house and the children go in. (Fools)

Unlucky for them the whitch is a cannibal and wants to eat them up.

After waking up Hansel finds himself in a big bird cage and Gretel has to help the which set the stove up. But Gretel can't do it alone, so the whitch was gonna do it herself.

But when she looks into the stove to light it up Gretel pushes her in Burning her alive.

Gretel free's Hansel and they live happily ever after.

Come to think of it, it was already kinda disturbinv for children but this game adds a whole another layer to it.

There isn't much to talk about seeming that it is the same

So lets skip to the endings, shall we?

True ending 1:

If Hansel takes the far left route, he notices Gretel isn't there anymore. He tries to walk back the way he came to find her, but can't tell which way he came. He wanders deeper and deeper into the forest, until he eventually trips on Gretel's abandoned bow. Realizing that Gretel is most likely dead and too weak to go on, Hansel sits down by a tree and waits for death.

True ending 2

If Hansel takes the middle left route, the kids come across a mysterious cave and decide to go through it. When they enter, Gretel vanishes, leaving Hansel all alone. He emerges from the cave to find himself near a pond and is approached by a mysterious girl. She pities him and asks whether he wants to get out of the forest, but also warns him that the future he wants may not be there. If he says "Yes", she sets him on the right path. When Hansel finally makes it home, he's just in time to overhear a conversation between his parents and Gretel, in which the parents praise Gretel for successfully leaving Hansel behind in the woods, to which Gretel responds that she can do anything if it makes her parents happy. Gretel notices Hansel outside and gives him a malicious smirk.

True ending 3

If Hansel takes the middle left route and says "No" to the mysterious girl, she leaves him with the cryptic advice to think about what his loved one would want. After a long trek through the woods, Hansel manages to get back to the house, but is broken up over having lost Gretel. He kills their parents with an axe as revenge for Gretel's and his abandonment, then commits suicide to be with Gretel again.

True ending 4

If Hansel takes the right path, the kids arrive at a mysterious cave and choose to enter it. When coming out at the far side, they spot a wooden house in the distance. Gretel discovers a hole in the wall and looks through, beckoning Hansel to do the same. The house is full of naked adults having an orgy, though Hansel is too young to understand. While Hansel is mortified by it, Gretel is visibly fascinated and wants to go inside.

One of the adults hears them and steps outside and Gretel asks whether Hansel and her can join the games in the house. Gretel agrees, while Hansel runs away in fear. It's only when he's forced to stop for breath that he realizes he basically abandoned Gretel and falls into despair. Until he hears a familiar voice calling out to him. Gretel appears, having apparently followed Hansel and calls him out for leaving her behind. She then turns into a monster and attacks him.

Bad ending

If Hansel takes the middle right path, the kids come across a strange house mad of candy. When they start to eat from it, an old woman steps out and invites them in. Hansel and Gretel eat until they fall asleep, at which point the old woman reveals that she is a witch who eats children. She locks Hansel in a giant bird cage and forces Gretel to prepare the stove and pot for her. When she demands Gretel to crawl in the stove to ignite it, Gretel says she doesn't know how.

The witch grows impatient and crawls into the stove to light it herself. When the fire is burning, Gretel pushes the witch all the way in, burning her to death. She then frees Hansel, who stuffs his pockets with the treasures in the house. When he tries to leave, Gretel stops him and tells him they don't have to go back to their old home anymore and that the treasures now belong to them alone. She threatens Hansel not to leave her and expresses joy over a future of making love to her brother in the candy house

That's all for endings

Lets talk about


This is the second entry in the “Dark Side” fairytale series by Charon, the first one being The Dark Side of Red Riding Hood.

When Hansel escapes from the orgy house in True End 4, he imagines Gretel being gangraped by men. For some reason, Gretel has breasts, implying the siblings are older than they look. This is only in the Japanese version, and was deleted from translations.

That about covers this game. Now I love this game

Past all thw incest and true ending 4, this game is wonderful

I have nothing more to talk about.

Good bye for now

(No link cause it is very disturbing and I do not recommend checking this out if you are young)

Posted by TotallyNotSandNG - June 6th, 2022



Posted by TotallyNotSandNG - June 5th, 2022

I had no idea that I would love a silly little game about a clown and a narrator as much as I do.

The game has 20 ending

Not gonna talk about it much

If you wanna check it out then look up, Clown In A House

Posted by TotallyNotSandNG - June 5th, 2022


If I gave you spaghetti

Would you



Posted by TotallyNotSandNG - June 5th, 2022

Good morning! I haven't had breakfast but I'm here to talk about an Indie horror game.

Bonnie's Bakery is the name of the game.

It's a cute horror game which picks up the pace very VERY fast. The game isn't all that big and can easily be beaten under 15 minutes or so. But the game has in total 5 endings with a secret ending to top off.

The game goes as follows.

You begin with a cutscene which is some dialogue and art to show what is happening.

The art in this game is very cute ans hides what it truly is.

After that and the tutorial the game starts.

You'll have to bake stuff for the people (who are cute animals) to eat.

At the end it is "lunch hour" and puts your skills to the test to see if you can perform the tasks.

After that depending on how you did the dialogue and the ending will change.

Did your worst and missed everything? Ending 5 will play and it is a joke ending.

Did good but not too good? Then stuff will change.

Now that, that is over we can get to the horror part of it all.

After the day ends and the store is closed Bonnie goes into her basement to get some "fresh ingredients" which are the animals.

She has been kidnapping them and turning them into the ingredients for her bakery.

And you play as another human in this world trying to escape her basement.

You do so by getting notes which have numbers on them which tells the code to the door leading to your escape.

Now I have let out a lot of stuff cause I want you to see it for yourself.

I'll put the video of Manlybadasshero here so you can watch it by yourself.

Or if you wanna play the game by yourself I'll put a link to the game as well.

Good bye for now seeming that I need to eat and stuff.

Manly, Bonnie's Bakery: https://youtu.be/e2FvIDVxpFI

The game: https://aislebsoupid.itch.io/bonnies-bakery

Thanks for reading!


Posted by TotallyNotSandNG - June 4th, 2022

What you people hate about me??????????

Idk who started this (inkfilo)

I'll be laughing my ass off to the comments


Maybe no one will comment




Posted by TotallyNotSandNG - June 4th, 2022

Sorry about the last 2 postes, I felt like I need to get it off my chest.

That aside, I wanted to let you the reader of this post know about this horror game named, Silt. Silt is a under the water horror game where you play as a diver with a abillity to possess the water creatures nearby and use their abillities to solve puzzels. The games art style is what got me hooked onto it. It reminds me of hollow knight with it's grim look and water coloured vibe. It feels like a colleb between Hollow Knight and Shadow's Of Colossus with it's really big bosses. Speaking about the bosses, you don't face them with combat, you possess the creatures around you and use puzzels to defeat them. The puzzels aren't the hardest in the world and the bosses are pretty easy. There isn't much I can say other then, check it out if you have the time. Manlybadasshero made a video about it which is an hour long. So if you have the time, please PLEASE check it out.

That's all for now, I'll be going offline now.

Good bye for now

Manly, Silt:


Posted by TotallyNotSandNG - June 3rd, 2022

Nothing but a useless piece of trash that is better of dead, that is me. Nothing but a weakling. An unwanted weakling. It would've been better if I was never born. My family most likely hates me, my "friends" if I can even call them that becuz I know they are just pretending most likey hate me. My purpose is really just to be a punching bag.. nothing but a failure I am